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Park Place Manor is here to assist you with your short-term, long-term or respite needs, providing excellent and professionally trained staff who are here for one purpose: to serve you.
Rehab-to-Home Program

Generally, when someone is in the hospital, they are assigned a case manager or discharge planner who will assist with the transition back to your home setting.  However, at times after a big surgery or extended hospitalization, it is necessary to discharge to a rehabilitation center for continued therapy, strength training and endurance building.  That's where Park Place Manor comes into play!


​Wether you were in the hospital for a knee replacement, hip replacement, Congestive Heart Failure, stroke or one of many other reasons, we are here to help.  Talk with your case manager or discharge planner and discuss the option of our Rehab-to-Home Program.  We have great results, great therapists, wonderful nursing staff and many years of experience helping people in your same situation get back on your feet and back into your routine at home.


If you are over the age of 65, you most likely have Medicare Part A (hospitalization insurance).  After specific criteria have been met,Medicare Part A will cover 100% of the cost of room and board, meals and medications for the first 20 days of your stay while at Vista. 


While many will be able to reach their goals before day 20, some will need additional care.  Medicare covers an additional 80 days at 80% and your secondary insurance (AARP, AETNA, or many others) will pick up the majority, if not all, of the additional 20% (changes each year). 


Long Term Care

There comes a time in ones life that decisions need to be made for the long term safety and benefit of someone we love.  If that time is now or is nearing, Park Place Manor is here to help.  We offer long term care services and accept Texas Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance and private pay.  We can assist in the eligibility screening process for Texas Medicaid and will even help with the application if admission is granted. 


Respite Services

Are you looking for a place to bring you loved one to so you can accomplish a task such as remodel the bathroom, build a wheelchair ramp or a week long date with your spouse?  If so, we offer respite services (minimum of 5 days) on a "bed available" basis at the room rate cost.  If your loved one is on Hospice, then your loved one may qualify for a Hospice Respite benefit that is paid for by the hospice company.


Additional information is available on each of the above listed services.  We encourage you to give us a call or come by the facility and we would be honored to assist you in the process of figuring out what would best suit your needs at this time.  We especially encourage you to do your research in advance and make plans now if you feel any of the services will be necessary in the immediate future.


In addition to our Rehab-to-Home Program we provide the following:


  • Long Term Care

  • Respite Care (less than 30 days)

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • Activities Program

  • On site visits from Physician and Nurse Practitioner

  • Free WiFi, too!  So, bring the iPad, Kindle or other device and stay connected while you're completing your tailored rehab-to-home program!

How is it Covered?

We accept the following payment sources depending on the service(s) you need during your stay.


  • Medicare Part A/B

  • Medicare Managed Care

  • Major Medical Insurance (including Scott & White)

  • Texas Medicaid

  • Private Pay

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